“MSAR News” Mobile App

Privacy Policy

The Government Information Bureau greatly respects users’ privacy and personal data. We pledge to fully enforce and abide by Law No. 8/2005, the Law on Personal Data Protection, promulgated on 22 August 2005. We will strictly adhere to the provisions of the aforementioned law and ensure that collection of personal data by the ‘MSAR News’ Mobile App (hereafter referred to as the App) will accord with the related provisions.

1. The App records only users’ mobile phone model and software version, phone name and device token, together with the number of times the App is used and browsed. No personal information that can identify the user will be collected. Information collected will be used only to make statistical reports and to determine the cause of computer system problems, to help the Government Information Bureau to optimise the App and provide the basis to upgrade and develop the App.

2. The user device token mentioned above will be used only to send push notifications regarding major news, as necessary.

3. To help users to contact the Government Information Bureau, the App provides a rapid-dial link for the Bureau. No information from the user’s phonebook will be collected.

4. The App supports the sharing of information provided by third-party service providers. When using this sharing function, users should refer to the privacy policies of the relevant service providers.

5. This privacy policy is a translated version of the Chinese original. In the event of any discrepancies, the Chinese version shall prevail.